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Valentine's Day is a wonderful occasion to celebtate Christian marriage. 

Marriage is sacred. It is often called a sacred institution, but marriage is much more than an institution. 

Christian marriage is a sacred relationship, in which the couple willingly invite God, the Author and Creator of Life, to be a witness to their vows, and decide together, to let God hold and keep safe, their relationship together, through difficultly, tensions, strains, anxieties and distractions.

The Apostle Paul told members of the church at Corinth, those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord, and let Him be Lord over their lives, become a “new creation,” old things pass away and all things have become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). 

So too in a Christian marriage. The man and woman who became a “new creation” as individuals, now must become a new creation as they become one.

On Wednesday 14 February, 2018 we shall celebrate the uniqueness of Christian marriage, rededicating our marriages to the One who holds our marriage relationship together. 

A worship celebration of marriage will start at 6 pm, followed by a candlelit dinner and a live jazz band. 

COST: £ 45 per couple which includes:

            a Glass of Prosecco each

            a three course meal (Menu will be given on reservation)

            flowers and a bottle of wine (white or red) per couple

                with the word Celebration in the subject line
                and name, address and contact phone numbers.

NOTE: Reservations will be confirmed when payment is received.


Ewan King, Minister at Hampsted Heath Baptist Church, London, a renowned Jazz pianist and a group of jazz musicians will accoompany the worship service from 6 - 7 pm and along wth his band, provide musical entertainment during the candlelit dinner to follow.