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    Managing the Challenge of Change

    A happy and joy-filled new year, and an abundacne of God;s many blessings to you!  May we all enjoy God's 2020  vision of His plans and purposes, to serve Him with obedience and diligence!

    The future as always, is unmapped and unknown; we can only see "things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, ... all (we) know now is partial and incomplete... (1 Corinthians 13:12 NLT).

    As I started writing this, my heart skipped a beat - on the 26th January we shall inaugurate and dedicate our new Church building, to the Glory of God!  It has been a long journey from late 2002 when we first mooted the idea of a new church building, much to the consternation of some; back in the future, our vision was indeed out-of-focus! 

    Well, here we are, about to enter the new building, a gift from our loving and caring God. Hindsight they say is 2020 vision!  Without the wisdom of God, the diligent and meticulous project management by Jesus Christ to whom we the Church belong, and the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, the physical structure by which we are identified as a Church, would not have been possible. 

    If the prospect of change unnerves or unsettles you, then read with me, the first four verses of the third chapter of

    Paul’s letter to the Church at Colosse (Colossians) challenges us as God’s children, to retain some things from our past that have real value, to release everything we are attached to which easily becomes a millstone around our necks, and to remember with joy, the pleasure of having had and enjoyed everything being discarded. 

    Specifically, Paul says:

    • hold firm to the Truth that you have been “raised to new life with Christ”, because Jesus is the ONLY One who conquered death into resurrected life, and invites us to be a part of His new life (1:15);
    • focus your mind to continually seek the realities of Heaven: a deeper knowledge of Jesus (3:10), living a Holy life (3:5-9), acquiring Godly virtues (3:12-17), enjoying Holiness in our home and social lives (3:18-4:1), building an effective prayer life (4:2) and establishing a fruitful witness (4:3-6).
    • Then release things which have attached themselves to our lives, that inflict damage, like false doctrine which draws us away from Truth, philosophies based on human wisdom and traditions, made by society (just because we have done it, and continue to do it, doesn’t make it right, proper or True).

    Paul wants us to grasp this Truth, if we have new life in Christ, then “death” must have taken place. True! We have died to all that has no significance nor importance in our new life in Christ, and should, with careful thought and consideration, be either retained, released or disposed off, with a thankful memory of having been a blessing in the past. 

    May God give us 2020 vision to prayerfully release that which is neither relevant nor important, including things which have deceived us into believing they are significant, and retain that which has value in the kingdom of God. Finally, let’s dispose off all that is no longer relevant. These have had their time and served their purpose, but they should not be left around to distract us from the future God has planned for us!

    Amen?    Yes, AMEN!



    If you are new to Botley, North Hinksey, Cumnor (and surrounding areas) or to Botley Baptist Church, or have been worshipping here for a long time and wish to explore more about Church life, Baptist beliefs and how you can participate in the life of the Church, you are most welcome to join us on Wednesday 5th February, 2020 at 7:30 pm at the Das' home. 


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