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  • Life in the Word

    Some say "lockdown", some say it feels more like a “lockup”!   All I hear is, I am fed up (two weeks ago it was, I am bored!).  Perhaps May offers a faint glimmer of hope.
    Let’s pay tribute to “Captain Tom” who is an inspiration to thousands, and thousands like him inspiring others, preparing and distributing meals for frontline workers, an army of joggers helping pharmacies deliver medicines during their regular exercise run, not forgetting those who make life more bearable, more exciting, more enjoyable for their families at home!  

    The human spirit is alive, well and very resilient!  It withstands shock, it tolerates upsets, it manages disruption, and urges us on our journey. Hooray for the human spirit, a precious gift of Creator God!

    This post-Easter period reminds us, Jesus died and conquered death to liberate us from doing Church; at Pentecost (31 March), He set us free to BE Church. By its very nature, the Chruch is the gathering-and-dispersing of God’s people, coming together to worship God and fellowship with each other, and dispersing to live the Life of God in His world. It is as vital and alive as the pulsating of our lungs: in-out - in-out - in-out!

    How then can we BE Church?

    Let’s start by familiarising ourselves with the Bible. Easter reminded us of Jesus entering death on the cross, and the empty grave authenticates death was defeated. This is our message to the world around us, that eternal life is incredibly better than eternity in death! 

    Then, let’s equip ourselves with the language of acceptance and love. God declared to the Hebrew people:  “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love, I have drawn you to myself.” (Jeremiah 31:3). He calls us to Himself through His Son, Jesus our Christ with the same promise!  Read it again and again, and until you believe it with your whole being!

    Starting with Sunday 26 April, over the following six weeks, we shall be exploring BEING CHURCH.  Follow us on this journey of discovery by clicking on SERMONS above. Share your learning and observations by clicking on EMAIL US above.

    Yours trying to BE CHURCH!      



    If you are new to Botley, North Hinksey, Cumnor (and surrounding areas) or to Botley Baptist Church, or have been worshipping here for a long time and wish to explore more about Church life, Baptist beliefs and how you can participate in the life of the Church, you are most welcome to join us on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Das' home. THIS IS PRESENTLY SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Click on EMAIL US if you have specific questions. Thank you. 


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