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The Good Shepherd

Starting September 2015, we embark on a series titled, “The Good Shepherd”. Kenneth Bailey has a book by this name which undergirds our exploration of the Good Shepherd, leading us hopefully to the time when we celebrate the birth of the “Good Shepherd” at Christmas.

Enjoy God’s word and be blessed by it!


 Psalm 23 – The Good Shepherd

 Jeremiah 23:1-8 The Good Shepherd gives HOPE

 Ezekiel 34 – The Good Shepherd LEADS

 Zechariah 10:2-12 The Good Shepherd HONOURS you with His Majesty!

 Luke 15 Introducing the Good Shepherd in person!

 What’s so special about the Harvest? (4 October, 2016)

 Mark 6:7-42  How much more do you want the Good Shepherd to do for you?

 Matthew 18:1-10 Things are not always as they appear to be

 Isaiah 54:2 Enlarge the place of your tent!

 “The Good Shepherd” – Provider, Carer and Saviour (Conclusion)