SERIES - Journeys to the Manger

This Christmas, starting with the first Sunday in Advent (26 November) we shall journey alongside those who journeyed to the manger where Jesus was born.  Although there is no written record in the Bible that Zechariah and Elisabeth journeyed to the manger, given Mary’s close relationship with Elisabeth, it might not be a stretch of the imagination that the elderly couple might have also journeyed to the manger; after all the lives of their first-born sons were woven together in Heaven!

God directs ALL journeys of life when we act in obedience to Him. 

- In obedience to God’s specific direction, and against the odds
          Zechariah and Elisabeth conceive a son

- In obedience to the law of the land
         Joseph and Mary journey to Bethlehem 

- In obedience to the instruction of God
         Joseph takes Mary to be His wife

- In obedience to the leading by God’s created order
         Wise men follow a star

- In obedience to God’s specific command
          Shepherds - “Go and you will find…"
          Wise men act in obedience to God
          Joseph acts in obedience to God and leaves for Egypt 

…and there were others too! What about the “host of angels” who left Heaven to announce Jesus birth, and inn keeper and who knows how many others? 

Join us as we explore these journeys, understand the risks involved in each journey, and the reward of obedience to God’s plan, direction and instruction.


Nobember 26      The Journey Begins - Zechariah (Like 1:5-25)


Sermons from 2017 at Botley Baptist Church

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